Kitchen Furniture 06

Kitchen Furniture 06

This kitchen is made from high-quality materials that combine Tobacco Craft Oak chipboard fronts with Arctic White matte acrylic fronts. The Black Concrete kitchen countertop complements the wall panel made from Tobacco Craft Oak chipboard, which is protected by a clear glass panel. Additionally, a perfectly integrated dining table made from dark walnut creates a cohesive and functional design.

Number of shelves
Number of drawers
Wood Da
Top Black Concrete
Front Tobacco Craft Oak chipboard, Arctic White matte acrylic

Thin Compact Countertops

Thin compact countertops from Forner are a proposal for those looking for original solutions in the furniture industry. Thin HPL countertops intended for kitchens and bathrooms stand out with modern design. They are characterized not only by an unprecedented thickness: the Forner countertop is only 10 mm (slim 10 collection) and 12 mm (slim 12 collection), but also by the fact that the core is color-matched to the countertop surface. Thanks to a unique production method, Forner countertops are homogeneous and non-porous, which makes them very easy to maintain hygiene, which is important when in contact with food. Thin HPL Forner countertops are moisture resistant and resistant to micro-scratches.

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